About Me

WELCOME EVERYONE!!! My name is Gino Bisceglia and I am a Physical Education Major at SUNY Cortland. I am a military brat and proud of it! I have been to 8 schools, moved 7 times, and have lived in 5 states. I enjoy any type of athletic activity. I love being in the outdoors and have a serious passion for track and field. I am currently on SUNY Cortland’s track and field team. I run the 400 meters, but during the summer I like to participate in triathlons and 5k races. I have just started to get into swimming and would like to do the Iron Man someday. After college I would like to try to run professionally and maybe make it to the Olympics someday. I promote a healthy lifestyle of exercising and proper nutrition. I want to be a positive role model for being healthy/fit individual. If everyone sees me having fun when I exercise then I want people to think that they can too. With the obesity rates in America rising each day I would like to join the ongoing fight to make a healthier America. I am a strong believer in the Wii Fit and Dance Dance Revolution in order to help everyone become active while having fun exercising.