Standard 1

Scientific & Theoretical Knowledge
Physical education teacher candidates know and apply discipline-specific scientific and theoretical concepts critical to the development of physically educated individuals.

1.1 Describe and apply physiological and bio-mechanical concepts related to skillful movement, physical activity and fitness.
1.2 Describe and apply motor learning and psychological/behavioral theory related to skillful movement, physical activity, and fitness.
1.3 Describe and apply motor development theory and principles related to skillful movement, physical activity, and fitness.
1.4 Identify historical, philosophical, and social perspectives of physical education issues and legislation.
1.5 Analyze and correct critical elements of motor skills and performance concepts.

Element 1.1
Artifact: Hurdle Progression Chart

Last spring semester (2009) Gino had the opportunity to take a track and field clinic class. This class prepared him to become a certified level 1 USATF coach. The whole semester the professor broke down every aspect of the body’s movements that relate to track and field. Gino learned about every track and field event and how to teach the skill. Gino learned about how to coordinate proper warm-up s and progressions of skills. Every two weeks Gino had to turn in progression charts on how he would teach the skill. He had to have pictures of the progressions with captions of the correct cues. At the end of the class Gino took the USATF certification test. This certification proves that Gino knows the basic scientific physiology and movements that relate to track and field for a high school setting. Every year Gino has the opportunity to give positive corrective feedback to athletes that signed up for the SUNY Cortland track and field clinic. With the knowledge from the clinic Gino was able to give a wider range of feedback to all track athletes.

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